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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Solo Vacations

Solo vacations are quite in trend nowadays. Solo travel is gaining popularity among single travellers also. The tour operators know how to make the most out of the growing market through vacations for single people.

In the past, single people used to be happy with short trips to monuments and that also planned at the last moment. But now there are tour operators to plan solo travel packages for singles. Companies are aware of the fad and essence of solo vacations. Single vacations are planned around various unique and popular places and moments.

Solo trips are now considered as an opportunity by singles. Vacations for single people are one of the best choices to come out of the hangover of being single. As a matter of fact, solo vacations can be considered as a celebration of singlehood. The single travellers are now all the more keen to discover new destinations on their own. But some single travellers put in the condition of no single mate vacation. They want to explore a new side of their own selves along with the world. And solo single vacations are the best answer for them as they can test their limits and strengths when they are on their own without any support.

But one is not alone on solo vacations as the tour company renders them with the required security and convenience on the tour. Solo travel has its own apprehensions and undoubtedly the single tourist wants to bask any concerns. At this point one should take some professional assistance. One usually goes for vacations without single mates. Vacations for singles are like fresh air in the monotonous and hectic lifestyle, one is living nowadays.

One can discover one’s inner self and may give oneself an opportunity to self-evaluate on Solo trips. One gets to know the nature close to them that have healing effects on one’s soul. Single vacations help in one’s escape o any far off place from the concerns of daily life. This escape is the main reason behind solo trips for the single tourists. Solo vacations may also work as a confidence booster for singles who are now ready to face the world with a new zeal for life.

The companies organizing solo tours give the option of no single holiday. One gets the privacy one wants and still there is no time to feel isolated or lonely. Sometimes there are numerous activities involved in the vacation tours that one gets too engrossed in it and basks the holidays to the fullest. It doesn’t left any time for tedium or the feeling on being lonely to come in the mind.

To propel people to travel alone, there have been sites created to assist solo travellers find out what type of tour they would like to have. These sites have been designed to assist solo tourists make last minute trips also.

The City Tour to Amsterdam

Things to know about city attractions available in Amsterdam

One of the studies says that Amsterdam city is having more than fifty museums and if you are visiting this city then you might enjoy the Heineken experience and canal cruise. According to the research 85% of the people are willing to visit this place because of the museum. In case you are looking to save your money then you might choose the walking tours amsterdam and this kind of the service is not only save your money but also people can thoroughly know about this city culture and so on. There are plenty of companies are offering this service but if you are choosing the freedam tours then people can save their money and effort. If you are joining with their community then you know about the schedule time of tours. They are the best place to get the city tour amsterdam and people know about the city attractions with the help of this tour. As everyone knows this city is having plenty of city attractions which is including.

  • Dam square
  • Amsterdam canals
  • Jordaan
  • Leidseplein
  • Vondelpark
  • Squares in Amsterdam

In case you are not organized the trip in effective manner then surely you might spend more money. Always try to get help from the freedam tours because they are offering premium quality of service to their clients. There are plenty of reasons are there for choosing the freedam tours which is consisting of

  • They are having passionate about local guide
  • Compelling stories
  • Best value
  • It is the best rated company

They are providing the information about the amsterdam and they are always looking to offer the premium quality of service to their clients.

Amazing benefits of choosing freedam tour

If you are choosing the city tours amsterdam in freedam tours then people might obtain more numbers of the benefits. They are also offering the proper guidance to visit this city and always try to select the walking tour so that you might understand about this city in detail. Actually they are getting top review from the trip advisors and it could be the ideal place to obtain the free walking tour. They are offering the information about the inspiring stories and historic events which is sufficient to know about the city in detail. Amsterdam is the beautiful place and people might take a trip to the Amsterdam with their family members.

Gangtok The Capital City of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the best hill stations lying in North-eastern India for Indian & foreigner tourists. Darjeeling is the most popular hot spot which is surrounded by beautiful tourist destinations such as Gangtok, Jaldapara, Mirick, Pelling etc. There are so many tourist attractions to enjoy the holiday in Darjeeling like Tiger Hill, Ghoom Monastery & Batasia Loop, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Rock Climbing (Tenzing Rock), Zoological Park, Tea Garden, Japanese Temple, Ava Art Gallery Museum. Darjeeling Gangtok holiday package is also offers delightful local sightseeing in Gangtok. Gangtok local sightseeing- Amusement Park, Ranka Monastery, Banjhakri Falls, Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok & others beautiful places.

Baba Mandir is also a most popular temple to be visited near Gangtok. This beautiful temple was built after Baba Harbhajan Singh, a brave Indian army man in 23rd Punjab regiment, who went missing during patrolling the border, but he appeared in the dream of his fellow army men who raised this structure.

The Darjeeling tours also take the tourists to its state capital Gangtok and the others historic places like Nathu La pass- the Indo-China. Nathula Pass is adventurous mountain pass road, it connects Indian state Sikkim to Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

The people who take that Darjeeling tour packages relish some warm memories forever. Darjeeling is a hill station with a gently cold weather and awesome Himalayan slopes. The scenic view points can be breathtaking specially the most popular Tiger Hill. It also has famous food courts & snack bars that have a nice ambience. Another most attractive feature of this place is horse riding, everybody can enjoy the royal horse riding.

Tsomgo Lake is one of the high altitude lakes, 1 km long and 50 ft deep, oval shaped and lying at an altitude of 3780 meters. Tsomgo remains frozen throughout the winter and even up to end of April. It is 38 km from Gangtok and considered extremely sacred by local people. There is also a popular Bird Sanctuary around this lake to which a large number of migratory birds visit in winter including Brahminy Ducks.

By booking Darjeeling Gangtok holiday package, you can enjoy & explore these entire exotic tourist destinations in North-eastern India. Darjeeling is a place which is well known for its temples, monasteries, scenic beauty. No doubt, holiday in north eastern region can fill you with spiritual bliss.

Kenya And Tanzania Safaris

Adventurous safaris into the African continent could be the life time experience you might be looking for as it in fact is a unique journey in to the world of nature where you will be able to witness amazing scenes recreated by the hordes of wild animals and the breathtaking vista of the forests, mountains and rivers. The continent may be relatively new to you but the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris take care of that and travel operators offer them in packages as well as customized model to give you exclusive services in which everything including lodging, food, tickets, safaris and various outings to the local attractions.

Kenya and Tanzania are two countries that share a common border which does not check the exodus of wildebeests crossing from Serengeti and this scenery is witnessed by millions of tourists and during the months between July and October. Apart from the “Great Migration” you also have the opportunity of visiting the various National Parks that inhabit more than 300 species of animals and a horde of avian life. The continent also play host to rare species like the Masai Lions, Tanzanian Cheetah, African Leopards, Thomson’s Gazelle and a variety of Zebra. The exodus to Masai Mara Game Reserve or the Great Migration is a spectacular event and the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris make it a primary attraction in their tour programs.

The African countries also have a wealth of mountains including Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa and climbing, paragliding, trekking, balloon safaris are some of the sporting activities undertaken by the brave and enthusiastic and the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris include all of them for people inclined towards adventurous treks. Among the various national parks Masai Mara Games reserve stands out in terms of number of wildlife occupation and species and you will be able to spot the “Big Five “namely hordes of lions, elephants, leopards, black rhinos and African buffalos. The tour operators apart from safaris also offer holiday programs spanning beach resorts lined up on the Indian Ocean coastline. Touring the African continent alone or along with your family without proper travel arrangements and tourism bookings could become difficult for you hence it is advised that you approach a reputed travel agent to book the safaris.