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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty is a town and municipality in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 80 km north of Coimbatore and is the capital of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. Apart from pleasant weather, Ooty Lake, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Wenlock Downs, Pine Forest, and Emerald Lake are the popular Ooty sightseeing places. The toy train, known as Nilgiri Mountain Railway that runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must be experienced. The train route wends its way through many hair-raising curves and fearful tunnels and chugs along beside deep ravines full of verdant vegetation, gurgling streams and tea gardens. Ooty is one of the best hill stations in India and also one of the top places to experince Tamilnadu Tourism.

Ooty Lake & Boat Club

Ooty lake is located in Ooty in the Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu, India. It covers an area of 65 acres. The Boat house situated by the lake, which offers boating facilities to tourists, is a major tourist attraction in Ooty. Ooty lake is an artificial lake constructed by John Sullivan, in 1824. The water flowing down mountain streams in the Ooty valley was dammed to form the lake. The lake became empty on three occasions when it breached its bund. The lake was originally intended to be used for fishing with ferries being used to travel across the lake. It gradually shrunk from its original size giving place to the current bus stand race course, and the lake park.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden was laid out in 1847 and is presently maintained by the government of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the top tourist places to visit in Ooty and also one of the best botanical gardens in India. It is situated at a distance of 4.5 km from Ooty Lake.

Kamaraj Sagar / Sandynalla Reservoir

The Kamaraju Sagar Dam (also known as Sandynalla reservoir) is in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state in India. It is located at a distance of 10 km from the Ooty bus stand. It is a picnic spot and a film shooting spot on the slopes of the Wenlock Downs.

Dodabetta Peak

Dodabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills at 2,637 metres. There is a reserved forest area around the peak. It is 9 km from Ooty, on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. It is the fourth highest peak in South India next to Anamudi, Mannamalai and Meesapulimala. The peaks Hecuba, Kattadadu and Kulkudi are the three closely linked summits in the west of the Doddabetta range near to Udagamandalam.

Wenlock Downs

Wenlock Downs is a vast Expanse of grassy meadow and is a favorite picnic spot from Ooty. This is one of the most scenic places in Ooty and also one of the best Ooty tourist places. Along with Ooty Lake, this place is most commonly presented for Ooty Tourism.

Pykara Dam & Reservoir

Pykara Dam built on Pykara river amidst dense forest is a beautiful destination offering breathtaking scenery. This is one of the best among Ooty places to visit and an ideal place to experience beautiful boat ride. Pykara is the largest river in Nilgiri District. A boat house is developed & maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. Boating in Pykara lake is a memorable experience.

Pykara Falls

Pykara Falls is a majestic falls formed by Pykara River on downstream of the reservoir. This is one of the best waterfalls in Ooty. The falls cascade down through multiple layers on the rocky bed providing a unique beauty to the stream.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden was established in 1995 to commemorate the centenary of Ooty flower show. It is situated at a distance of 3.5 km from Ooty Lake. This garden consists of five terraces in an area of 10 acres and has more than 2800 variety of roses.

Family Travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tourism plays an important role in the economy of the country. This industry has been able to show much rapid growth throughout the years as it is able to offer visitors so many reasons to travel to Sri Lanka. Out of all the different types of travellers who are drawn to the country every year, a major portion is made up of families who find this little island a great place to spend some quality time together and create lasting memories which they can treasure for the rest of their lives. Having highly popular destinations like Nuwara Eliya, Yala and Bentota offer great times for such vacationers to look forward to.

Sri Lanka Tourism Hotspots

  • Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is one of the key locations which attract many tourists to visit Sri Lanka. Located in the central regions of the country, this town is well known for the cool climate and amazing mountainous landscapes which surround the area. This location is one which has been popular among travellers even during times when the country was under the British rule. The colonial style which still is prominent in the area will create a very nostalgic feeling. Apart from the amazing beauty and lovely climate, there are several attractions such as Victoria Park, Horton Plains National Park, Baker’s Falls, and World’s End which are must-see things for the ultimate family holiday.

  • Yala

Sri Lanka tourism has invested much in preserving the wild life which makes up an important part of this country. Yala National Park in one such sanctuary which provides a safe haven for many wild life species to live freely in their natural habitats unaffected by human civilization. A trip to this location gives you and your family the chance to enjoy a wild life safari unlike no other. You would be able to capture some amazing photographic scenes and even enjoy camping out in the wilderness if required.

  • Bentota

Your family adventure in this country will not be complete without a visit to the coastal regions of the island. This amazing opportunity can be gained as you travel to the most popular , Bentota. Known to be a location where you can enjoy the best beaches in the island, all of you can create fun filled family memories as you have the most fun while enjoying the sun and sand.

Way to Find South Africa Kruger Safari Trips

Technically, all of the tour operators or companies who have been offering Safari trips for tourists have exemplary itineraries to sing about, but practically, they aren’t all the same.

There’s a vast difference between “claims” and “reality” and one could pick out those stark differences when two tours are compared based on several factors. Nevertheless, only a selected group of contenders come out with flying colors. Obviously, anecdotal evidence or personal perspective won’t change your view unless you identify a suitable South Africa Kruger Safari for yourself, especially after comparing the tours offered to by different tour operators.

Here is what you can do:
  1. Research – The Internet, as we all know is full of resources, which may be true or untrue, but a research about related topics will give only an optimistic view in a broad sense. It will surely help to find a list of websites in the search engine result pages.
  2. Companies/operators – Notably, most of the tour operators or companies have put out their own websites, representing what they offer in services, their contact mail IDs, address and other details. You should verify their credentials for your own good and not get cheated by fraud companies.
  3. Itinerary – Check out the itineraries planned by the operators based on a Night/Day trips. It will be your prerogative to choose between short, medium and long tours. The tourists who live far or near this location often choose a minimum of 8-day trip. A South Africa luxury trip can be a bit longer for an overwhelming experience.
  4. Accommodation – Since you are on a wildlife trip, you will require some extra comfort and convenience to get rid of the tiring journey around. The operators can provide you accommodation options they have along with photographs. You can request for changes on that.
  5. Facilities – Just like the accommodation, the facilities would depend upon the preferences and budget of a customer. Nevertheless, the tour operators can secure best accommodation and facility options on cheap rates too.
  6. Costs – Anticipating a realistic South Africa Safari cost will help you decide better. If you have no certain idea about it, you should browse tour package costs offered at various tour operators’ websites. At least you will have a vague idea of what it is about.
  7. Reviews – Read down the reviews given by previous tourist customers for a particular tour operator. If you don’t find any such references, then ask for contact details of the customers whom they have served. It’s simple, positive reviews or testimonials are a sign of reliable tour operators.

Private Tours to Morocco

The planet is packed with so many interesting places to explore, and there’ll be you may feel confused on which destination to choose. I’d definitely recommend you private tours to Morocco, if you are seeking a holidaying experience that includes culture, history, and adventure. You Morocco is a diverse country packed with royal palaces, fascinating museums, appetizing cuisines and exceptional natural landscapes.

If you are still not convinced why you should go for Morocco private holidays, here are a few reasons to justify:


The High Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains, Rif Mountains and Anti-Atlas Mountains all clash for attention from trekking lovers. Placed in the north part of Morocco, the Rif Mountains’ peaks mayn’t as elevated as those in the High Atlas Mountains, but they’re sheltered with caves and forests. The Middle & Anti-Atlas Mountains aren’t as widely explored as the High Atlas, so they provide a quiter, more personal experience with nature.


With beaches extending both the Mediterranean and Atlantic shores, there’s no scarce of seashore of leisure. The Mediterranean boasts rockier beaches; the ocean is also rougher & several people choose not to swim here; but the sights are splendid. Families with kid may wish to consider exploring the beaches along Casablanca or Agadir.

The royal cities:

Visiting Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Marrakesh are a must if you are interested about Morocco’s history. These cities feature churches, palaces, museums and mosques that offer a glance into the history of Morocco.

The desert adventure:

South of the Anti-Atlas Mountains is the Sahara Desert where you can also take a camel tour, which is best explored via a 4×4 tour or camel ride. The quad tours quickly take you over the sandy roads through the desert villages while the slower, more leisurely camel ride allows you to appreciate the details of the desert. If you choose to camp in the desert, expect to fall asleep below an expansive starry sky and wake up to a stunning desert sunrise.

The foods:

You will possibly be allowed to smell out the spices and herbs cooked into the regional foods prior to you sit to eat it. Moroccan culinary encompasses stews & couscous and are made with locally raised chicken, fish or lamb. Meals are catered with mint tea.

If you are after luxury morocco holidays, then these above mentioned things deserve a mention. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Morocco private tour with a reliable tour operator to make the most of your upcoming vacation.