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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cape Town

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city and is home to a wide diversity of tastes from every corner of the globe. The extensive variety of unique and authentic cuisine available in Cape Town has won it many awards and has made it not only a travel destination but also a taste destination for food lovers.

Indian CuisineJewel of India – Green Point

For a true Indian experience, Jewel of India in Sea Point serves authentic Indian food prepared with delicate brilliance. The friendly staff, simple decor, comprehensive menu and the perfect balance of spices makes this charming restaurant is an sheer treat for all spicy food lovers. The Kheer, a traditional Indian dessert of rise and cream, is a must for all diners to sample.

Japanese CuisineNobu Restaurant – V&A Waterfront

The worlds most recognised Japanese restaurant, with its innovative cuisine and celebrity following, has a prime location at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The view and location is enough to make this restaurant a firm favourite and its world-class cuisine has made this restaurant famous. Master chef Nobuyuki ‘Nobu’ Matsuhisa has built this empire by offering mesmerising dishes and fresh indulgences such as Sake Roast Whitefish, Chocolate Bento Box and Sake and Shochu based cocktails.

Chinese CuisineMake Restaurant – Sea Point

This restaurant is highly recommended with its delightful sushi and Chinese food. The authentic food, irresistible flavours, friendly Chinese chef and good value for money has made this charming establishment a favourite amongst both locals and travellers.

Mexico Cuisine
San Julian – Green Point

For the best Mexican food in Cape Town, San Julian Taco & Tequila Restaurant in Green Point is well known for its authentic Mexican food, ambience, friendly staff and its wide variety of tequilas on offer. This establishment is run by the San Julian family who immigrated from Mexico in 2009. Their reputation and unsurpassed flavours makes the food as genuine and as authentic as you can get in South Africa.

Italian Cuisine
A Tavola – Claremont

For a homely and wholesome traditional Italian meal, A Tavola in Claremont specialises in fresh, home-style Italian fare and makes use of seasonal ingredients. What makes A Tavola special is that they only use organic products sourced from local growers, free range livestock nurtured by farmers who care and fish sourced in a sustainable manner. The handmade pasta and food sourced and prepared with love and care is one of the reasons why this charming restaurant has been voted as Cape Town’s best Italian restaurant.

French Cuisine
Pastis Brasserie – Constantia

If you’re a French food lover, this cosy bistro is a firm favourite with locals due to its French Flair and Cape Country style ambience and top quality food. Pastis is situated alongside the vineyards of the world-renowned Groot Constantia, the oldest homestead in South Africa and a leading tourist destination. The menu offers an impressive range; quintessentially French with a South African flavour and include items such as bouillabaise, seafood linguine, beef espetada and nicoise salad.

Greek Cuisine
Maria’s Greek Cafe & Restaurant – Gardens

This cosy cafe is an absolute delight with its perfect, colourful, delicious food. The Greek country style food is all made from fresh ingredients and is a a treat for your taste buds. The distinctive Mediterranean atmosphere provides the perfect backdrops to try out some of their specialities like their mezze and baklava.

Local Cuisine
A visit to Cape Town would not be complete if you don’t sample some of the unique and distinct South African flavours. As we say in South Africa, local is lekker.

Cape Malay Cuisine
Bo Kaap Kombuis – Bo Kaap

South African’s love curry and have mastered local dishes that are unique and traditional and are steeped in culture and history. Bo Kaap Kombuis features panoramic views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head and serve traditional and authentic Cape Malay cuisine. A visit to this establishment not only offers world class, tasty food but also offers a cultural experience.

Xhosa and African Cuisine
Marco’s African Place – Bo Kaap

In this vibrant orange building, you’ll not only encounter authentic decor, but live music and dancing too. The menu specialises in game such as, springbok, kudu and ostrich accompanied by pap and other staples. The menu includes popular Xhosa dishes such as ulwimi (steamed ox tongue in a mustard sauce) and umleqwa (free range chicken and onion stew) and is home to a marimba (Afro-Jazz) band that plays nightly.

Travel to Shimla

Shimla is one of the most charming hill stations in the country, and is home to many colonial style structures, all reminiscent of the British Raj. It is an ideal destination if you are interested in history and heritage, and of course, the town is bound to stun you with its natural beauty! Stay in one of the heritage hotels and you can explore all the tourist spots.

Here are some tourist places in Shimla you should not miss out on:

  • Viceregal Lodge: If you are a history buff, you should take some time off to visit the place which was once the Viceroy’s residence.
  • Christ Church: This is yet another heritage church constructed during the British rule in the 19th century.
  • Mall Road: A walk along this promenade, which is Shimla’s main street, is fun! You can see a host of hotels in Shimla located on this road; you can spot all the restaurants, hotels, entertainment centres, shopping hubs…this is essentially the nerve centre of the town.
  • The Ridge: A vast open space that offers spectacular views of the peaks all around, and the greenery.
  • Annadale: Another spot that ranks highly on the list of tourist places in Shimla is Annadale, which was once used as a playground for British sport such as cricket or polo. A wonderful spot to take in the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Shimla also has many temples such as the Sankat Mochan temple, Tara Devi and Kali Bari tem-ples, if you are inclined to make a quick trip.

For all the adventure lovers

One of the most popular activities while you are in Shimla is adventure sport. Ask one of the hotels in Shimla you are staying in for tips on where you can ski, parasail or trek. You can also go river rafting in places such as Tattapani, which is about 60 km from Shimla. Trekking is a wonderful ex-perience in Shimla, and you can opt to trek to the many lakes or temples. One of them is a trek to the Kamna Devi Temple atop Prospect Hill. You could also trek your way to Chadwick Falls, which is a nice picnic spot with the cascading water, lush greenery and peaks all around.

Weather, hotels and when to visit

Summer is a great time to visit, because the weather is pleasant and there’s no snowfall. You can carry cotton clothes and light woollens. But if you wish to experience the snow and visit around December-January, make sure you carry warm clothing as it can get really cold here. Being a popular destination, there are many hotels in Shimla, but it is best you book in advance at one of the heritage hotels here.

Sharing a Cabin on Kimberley Cruises

Stow Your Gear:

Even if you have a large suite on a massive cruise liner, the chances are that you will still be limited for space. This means that not only will you need to share storage space, but you should develop the habit of stowing your gear to keep everything neat and tidy. Remember that while you may be used to draping your clothing on a chair at home, this can be irritating for your cabin mate. Once you develop the habit of putting away your clothes, shoes, and belongings, it is sure to be appreciated.

Share Recharging Time:

With smartphones, laptops, digital cameras and tablet devices, there can be a great demand for recharging on Kimberley cruises. Just remember that while you may have several devices to recharge, your cruise companion may also have an equal number of devices that need power. The easiest solution is to simply take it in turns to recharge and place the equipment and chargers in a drawer when they are not in use.

Admit to Being a Snorer in Advance:

This is often a taboo subject with many of us denying that we are guilty of it. However, while your partner or spouse may be used to giving you a poke in the kidneys when you are snoring loudly, your friend may not feel as at ease. Therefore, it is good etiquette to warn your cruise companion that you may snore and allow them the option of bringing earplugs.

Set Romance Rules:

If you are travelling with a single cruise companion, it is a good idea to discuss the possibilities before you sail. While you won’t want to be a fifth wheel if he or she meets someone, you are also not likely to want to spend all your time alone or locked out of the cabin. Before you sail, set a couple of mutually acceptable rules, for example, times when your companion could have privacy in the cabin, without you feeling homeless for hours on end.

Kimberley coast cruises offer so much to see and do, the last thing you want is for petty squabbles to ruin your trip. By discussing a few basic etiquette issues, you can minimise this risk and allow both of you to enjoy the cruise.

Moscow Red Square

Moscow does not require any kind of introduction as it is already well known. Every year a legion of people, come here to explore the beauty of this place. When it comes to the unforgettable sightseeing places, Red Square cannot eliminate from the list. If you are heading to this place, you must have knowledge about the sightseeing. Here, we are going to cite about Red Square.

Red Square Moscow has always been a topic of discussion among the people because of its incredible beauty and history. It is said that if you are coming to Moscow but did not visit Red Square then your journey to this beautiful place is not completed. This building gets a legion of footfalls every year.

Many visitors have made their visit many times to Moscow just for exploring the beauty of this lovely building Red Square Moscow shrouded in the eye-catching shade. The great thing is that this jaw-dropping building has always been a favourite of the people of all ages.

What about the Fast Facts about Moscow Red Square

  • Do you know it is also known as Krasnaya Ploshchad? It was named because of holding the jaw roping loveliness. Krasnaya stands for the world Beautiful in Old Russian. In addition, you must not skip it from your list; it means you are going to chuck a wide chunk of the beauty of Moscow.
  • It is not only a kind of eye-catching building but it is a home to some of Russia’s most important landmark. It holds a glorious history with itself.
  • The Kremlin, Moscow’s historic fortress, earlier it was used to treat as the center of the Russian government, is situated adjacent to the Red Square.
  • If you are curious to know when it was established? Let us unearth it. It was 15th Century when it was established under the rule of Ivan III. Now, you can suppose how precious it is to Moscow.
  • The Red Square has been always been a mass-meeting spot for celebrating the different types of events right from religious festivals, military displays to concerts, and so on. It means you cannot find it alone anytime especially where there is an excuse for the celebration.

Why You Cannot Underestimate the Power of Guide –

If you made your mind to visit this incredible building then do not forget to hire the best tour guide service, provider. However, we have mentioned here the prominent fast facts about it but there are too many things not possible to write here. Only the experienced one can guide you in a discreet manner.

When you hire the one having already a lot of information, it adds a great spark to your journey. The well-experienced guide will let you many facts only known by the locals. So, what are you waiting for you? It is time to make your journey memorable and hire the guide having in-depth knowledge. When you get enough information about the sightseeing, it makes you feel great that you have visited a worthy place.