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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The History Great Wall of China

The legendary masterwork of Great Wall of China is a huge achievement for human species. The history of this ancient wall is a really one, dating back to the 8th century of early moments of Autumn and Spring season of China, there was a time when Chinese people first started to design the idea of building such great wall with traditional technology to save their country from enemies by invading barbarians.

However, the primary vestige of ancient Wall of China still exists today which began in 221 BC, when Qin Shi Huang used to rule the country. The Warring State moment was an elongated stretch that took place for at least two centuries in order to retain the complete control over land of China. This prolonged period resulted in innumerable fortifications being designed and constructed in various cities of the country. In the 221 BC, Emperor Qin united China once again and planned to establish the primary dynasty of China and named it as “Qin Dynasty”, he began to think about various methods to prevent the invading force entering in the Country to destroy his kingdom. If you want to get complete information about China history, enjoy Great wall tour for tempting experience of travelling.

Great wall tour also tells about the Qin dynasty complete story. In order to protect the country, the Emperor ordered to connect the massive structures built in previous centuries with a huge wall structure. It is not known till now how long did the wall take to get completely constructed during the Qing dynasty.

However, additional expenses were monitored by the Jin, hand and Sui dynasty in later years to save their kingdom from the North. The history of ancient wall of China does not limit here. During the time of Ming Dynasty, various battles were fought with Mongols; keeping the threat of battles in mind, Emperor Ming decided to build a wall to ward off the Mongols.

The stretch and expenditure of the Great Wall of China were very strong as compared to Qin fortifications because Emperor Ming ordered to use stone instead of rammed earth. Over the decades, specific portions of the ancient Wall were constructed and eventually assisted in the 1600s to plank off the Manchu invasions. The achievement was overwhelmed though when the Ming general betrayed the Ming dynasty though bribe network. In the succeeding Qing Dynasty, Mongolians were seized into China and hence the construction of an ancient wall of China was accomplished.

However, at present time the Great Wall of Beijing has become a national symbol for China which is only man-made structure preserved now. The best part is that it can be easily visualized from the orbit. The tempting portions of ancient Wall of China attract millions of visitors every year from all corners of the globe.

Enjoy the enchanting sights of Great Wall of China along with complete information about its construction and history. Enjoy your Beijing tour with family and friends!

Peaceful Paradise of Thailand Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is nature lover’s paradise having all the natural and standard cliches: coconut tree-fringed beaches, white-sand beaches, luxuriant tropical forest, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs (25% of the world’s total tropical fish can be seen here).

The main thing that attracts tourists towards itself is its natural magnificence. Here on Ko Lipe, the fantastic locals carry in the daily seize for delicious seafood. It’s not just a little island but it’s a most developed tourist destination in the whole Thailand.

Typical expenditure of the visit to Ko Lipe:

  • Accommodation Charges- you can simply find economical stay there like bungalows for around 700 THB per night. For stay in a finer room with AC service the expected charges are 1,000 THB per night. For a royal stay in superior hotels with air conditioning and best services the room charges starts from 1,350 THB per night.
  • Foodstuff expenses- you can enjoy yummy food there without any hole in pocket because food there is not so expensive except during peak end of the year holiday season. You can enjoy a meal around 70 THB.
  • Transportation – there is no need and also no availability of transport on the island because it’s too small and one can easily walk from one place to another. From ferry to the island, you need to take separate Boat to Koh Lipe. Most round trip ferry rides cost around 1,200 – 1300 THB.

Money and Transactions:

The representative currency of Koh Lipe Island is Thai Baht. Thai Baht is abbreviated as THB. It’s possible to exchange dollars and euros there easily. All billing is carried out in THB.

Do not forget to enjoy on Ko Lipe:

  • Trip to the National Park – if you are in KO Lipe, donot miss the visit to the national park.
  • Do hiking – The Island is great place for do Hiking. There is blend of forest-seascape and lots of wildlife on which to scout. The hike to cha Doa cliff is most admired by the tourists.
  • Choose Ko Adang Excursion – Taking a Boat to Koh Lipe is a lot of fun. You have to sit back and enjoy the astonishing scenery and beauty of the ocean. Koh Lipe is a home of Chado Cliff and pirate falls from where you can hike up and catch the whole view from the top.
  • Knock the bars – at the island in this environment nobody can deny the feet into a local bar like hammock.
  • Get a massage – in that island you will get a number of places to get message. In the core of the island there is a well known and well admired Wat Po Massage School you also can choose.
  • Delicious Foods – There are a number of places and food spots all over the island where you can enjoy yummy foods. Some of them Flour Power, PeeWee Bakery and Pancake Lady are well-liked breakfast spots. Banana Leaf is a famous dinner spot.

National Parks in Morocco

1- Arganeraie Biosphere Park:

Covering a lot of forests and urban areas, as well as cultured with cultivated lands, this park is reserved to protect the Argan trees which are remained. The Argan plants are valued for their nuts which are used to Argan oil that is used in makeups and health tablets. Argan nuts are also a secure preferred amongst local goats which can be seen in the trees. It is said that these are flying goats as the view gives the perfect clarity of goats on trees.

2- Souss Massa National Park:

With a land diversity, the Souss Massa National Park contains endless beaches, nurtured fields, immense sand dunes, stony cliffs and Argania forests. Due to this reason, the national park has an extensive variability of wildlife which is easy to advert on the 33,800-hectare park.

3- Merja Zerga Biological Park:

Also recognized as Lagune de Moulay Bou Selham, the wonderful natural park is continuing with the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The bay covers 4500 hectares and is an excessive place to spend the day and watch the 100 bird types fly by.

4- Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere park:

Concentrated on the conflict in covering and maintaining what is previously there, the Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Park is an amazing place to do research and acquire about the water structures that keep the oasis going. Visitors come to this park and can imagine seeing numerous spectacular lands and distinctive terrains all in one place.

5- Toubkal National Park:

Situated in the High Atlas Mountain Array, it is a great Toubkal National Park with the numerous livings here. Extending over 70 kilometers from Marrakech to significant middle Morocco, the national park is family to a variety of climbing tracks. You can also stay here in the local societies that live as their ancestors did, genuine by the external world.

6- Ifrane National Park:

Located in the series of Atlas Mountains, Ifrane National Park is spread over an area of 500kmĀ² which is typically woodland. The jungle is homespun to a people of Barbary apes which are the only primates that are native to the Mediterranean coast.

Visiting Tours in Cusco Peru

Peru is a country with an intriguing history, perfect beaches, the vast rocky desert, Amazon rainforest and up the Andes Mountains. With its many native tribes, Peru has many adventures for travellers. Cusco houses one of the seven modern wonders like Machu Picchu, and it is one of the tourist destinations in Peru. There are plenty of awesome things to do while in Cusco, but before traveling there, you must put into consideration some things to improve your adventure.

It is important to choose your time well before going to Cusco Peru. There is a dry season from April to October and a cloudless sky. During November, December to March a lot of rain pours are experienced. When traveling to Cusco, it is advisable to carry what is necessary. You should pack your outfits for each weather since it changes from time to time.

Tours in Cusco Peru last a whole day, people move as fast as they can to make maximum use of the day and avoid crowds. Some people enjoy trekking; you can walk the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trekking to Machu Picchu and Coffee Route. While trekking one can watch the beautiful scenery and enjoy breath-taking views. After the day tour, you can spend your evening in AguesClient’s or Ollantaytambo if you like.

To enter the country, you will not need any special vaccinations. If you are visiting the Amazon regions, the ministry of health of Peru recommends the yellow fever vaccine. If you are climbing to Machu Picchu, it is advisable to get food from the village of Agues clients. You should ask the locals where to eat since some restaurants are quite expensive.

Cusco has a unique blend of cultures with different customs, traditions, and ancient local techniques. Exploring the whole of Cusco will enrich you with more cultural knowledge of the people living there. The Sacred Valley of Cusco also called the Urubamba Valley seems to be the favorite of all things to do in Cusco. Places like Ollantaytambo Ruins, Maras Salt Mines, and Moray Archeological Park are all in this stunning valley. You can go for outdoor activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, white water rafting and zip lining.

There are restaurants and cafes in Cusco that offer a wide variety of meals. Do not miss out the dishes which get cooked from different recipes which show the different cultures and way of life of people in Peru. You can also enjoy your tour by walking down the hidden tunnels behind Sacsayhuaman by sliding down the rocks. The trees beside Qengo give a favorable environment for a picnic.

Cusco is one of the best tourist destinations in Peru and over the years’ visitors from all over the world have come here to enjoy this amazing place. Once you experience the beautiful adventures of Cusco Peru, you will want to visit there again and again.