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Kenya And Tanzania Safaris

Adventurous safaris into the African continent could be the life time experience you might be looking for as it in fact is a unique journey in to the world of nature where you will be able to witness amazing scenes recreated by the hordes of wild animals and the breathtaking vista of the forests, mountains and rivers. The continent may be relatively new to you but the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris take care of that and travel operators offer them in packages as well as customized model to give you exclusive services in which everything including lodging, food, tickets, safaris and various outings to the local attractions.

Kenya and Tanzania are two countries that share a common border which does not check the exodus of wildebeests crossing from Serengeti and this scenery is witnessed by millions of tourists and during the months between July and October. Apart from the “Great Migration” you also have the opportunity of visiting the various National Parks that inhabit more than 300 species of animals and a horde of avian life. The continent also play host to rare species like the Masai Lions, Tanzanian Cheetah, African Leopards, Thomson’s Gazelle and a variety of Zebra. The exodus to Masai Mara Game Reserve or the Great Migration is a spectacular event and the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris make it a primary attraction in their tour programs.

The African countries also have a wealth of mountains including Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa and climbing, paragliding, trekking, balloon safaris are some of the sporting activities undertaken by the brave and enthusiastic and the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris include all of them for people inclined towards adventurous treks. Among the various national parks Masai Mara Games reserve stands out in terms of number of wildlife occupation and species and you will be able to spot the “Big Five “namely hordes of lions, elephants, leopards, black rhinos and African buffalos. The tour operators apart from safaris also offer holiday programs spanning beach resorts lined up on the Indian Ocean coastline. Touring the African continent alone or along with your family without proper travel arrangements and tourism bookings could become difficult for you hence it is advised that you approach a reputed travel agent to book the safaris.