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New York is an Awesome Place to Visit

Last year when I asked my wife and children where they would like to vacation, I thought they would tell me on a cruise or even New Zealand. When they all three said New York, I admit that I was surprised. They had obviously talked about it, and they shared their reasons with me. I admit that they made it sound like a trip of a lifetime, so I went to the Cuvee website to see what kind of deals I could find on a luxury Manhattan condo.

I already knew that we were not going to stay in a hotel. I knew that we could get a hotel suite that had separate bedrooms and a common area, but I wanted something a bit more homey for us. When I saw the three bedroom condo that has three bathrooms, I knew that it was the one that we wanted to get. It has everything that we could need, including a gym and a laundry room. There were other amenities offered there, but we knew that we would be spending most of our time looking at attractions and going to events there.

We planned on only staying for a week, but we were able to extend our stay to ten days because we just did not have enough time to do everything that we wanted to do while there. There were several Broadway shows that my wife and I wanted to see, and the kids had a list of places they wanted to visit. We had so much fun there that we are going to go there again next summer when the kids are out of school for the year. I am hoping that we can get the same condo too because it is nothing short of awesome, especially with the gorgeous views of New York City right out our windows.